Monday, August 24, 2009

More than chocolate and cheese

I was unsure what to expect in Switzerland. I knew it would be good, but I had no idea.

First the people: I've made great friends with pretty much everyone in the BUSS program, there an international smart bunch.

The Swiss people from my lab and else where are hard working and know how to balance their lives many other things. They make time for exercise and hanging out as well as being culturally diverse. I value that and have mad respect for them all. Lastly the people from ICF, (International Christian Fellowship) are incredibly diverse and interesting. They all have different backgrounds and have a huge desire to explore and make new friends.

Next the experiences: There is so much to do in Zurich. Every minute of the day there is something fun to do. There's work, which is cool. After that, it's anything from: swimming in the lake and river, rock climbing on the Irchel campus, playing soccer at Rettinshalt, Jumping off the low (and sometimes high) bridge at Letin, getting cultured at the country presentations, playing volley ball with the crew, going to ICF bible study, and spending hours laughing with all my friends. And eating. That's not including all of the travel and special events in Zurich and Switzerland. For example the hiking and climbing at Santis, Braunwald, Interlaken, and Lutzern and also the street parade in Zurich!

Lastly the food: I love Swiss food.

street parade, Zurich

Switzerland has been a blast and I've learned so much here


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