Sunday, August 16, 2009

Impressions of Swiss life and society

Jill and I have been having a great time since our arrival in Switzerland as you have read in her blog. Aside from great beauty, cleanliness, efficiency and precision, I have been very struck by the free and comfortable ambiance. I have also been impressed by the helpfulness and kindness of the people who are physicially fit, self-regulated and seem to enjoy life very much. I was amazed that with all of the people filling the streets of Basel Friday night for Jazz Fest, we saw no skirmishes or the visible presence of police. The next morning the streets were immaculate like nothing had taken place the night before. Not to mention that the wonderful music, food and spirits were so elegantly presented and the Fest was so well organized that it will always remain for me a great memory.

On Saturday we went to the Kunstmuseum to see the Van Gogh exhibit which was spectacular not only for the quality and importance of the masterpieces but also for the wonderful presentation by the museum.

A word about the environment, when traveling to Stans today, I was rather surprised not to see more snow capped mountain peaks or glaciers. Perhaps the lower altitude of this particular area of the Alps was the reason, but I couldn't help wondering if global warming was a factor.

I look forward to meeting everyone tomorrow!

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