Friday, June 13, 2008

Lausanne- Geneve

I have just returned from a little research conference organized between the cities of Lausanne and Geneve. It was an amazing oppurtunity for me to be able to examine the Psychiatric Research facilities in Geneve review the research being done there and to see the city. I spent last weekend in Paris (it is just a 3-4 hour train ride from Lausanne) and to be perefectly honest I found myself homesick for Switzerland shortly after arrival. I feel so fortunate to be staying in a city that is so amazing and to be conducting research in a facility that not only affords me the oppurtunity to attend confrences like the Lausanne- Geneve conference and the Forum on European Neuroscience (FENS). I have also had the oppurtuinty to visit the EPFL (as we collaborate with a group there) and will hopefully be able to tour the facility as a perspective Graduate student while I am here. Another ThinkSwiss scholar is stopping by Lausanne this weekend and I will be touring around the city with him a little. I just would like to restate that I am very happy where I am and if at all interested feel free to contact me about good ideas for your visit or suggestions on activities. I will be going to Lugano and Milano next weekend and hope/think that it will be an amazing experience.


Dusty Moore said...

I am living in Lausanne also for the internship, we should get together at some point.

Corinne said...

I tried to email your post but it didn`t bring up your address so I figured I could just leave a comment.


Hope south Switzerland was nice (how could it not) and things are going well. I was curious about next weekend for the meeting, I wanted to suggest maybe meeting at the trainstation, although have never been there so don`t really have or know a landmark or big clock like in Zuri HB. Do you have more details of the meeting time?