Sunday, June 8, 2008

"The Chimps"

Digit, Cess, Dandy, Blacky, Fani, Chica, Tzipi, Elisha, Balima, Brigitte, Niki, and the three infants: Matshabu, Malik, and Mojo (the one smooshing his little face against the glass). This group is the largest in Switzerland`s Zoos, and Blacky, at age 50 is the oldest known mother in the world! So I complete my first week at UZH and now know the reserch group I found for this scholarship was the perfect choice.

Monday I took the bus, trolly and tram to get to the sciences campus and spent the day searching the anthropology journal library for old (prior to 1996) resources refrenced in the first review I read concerning food-sharing among primates. We found articles until and after lunch (which costs 5.40- CHF for students at the cafeteria, which is actually amazing since you couldn`t cook the same for less) then I learned some software to save an article`s reference, so we could use the saved list to reformat the information if we need to site it in different journals. Then more and more information to read, since this project started in 2007 and will end in 2010. The middle of the week was spent at the zoo in Gossau (an hour away by train from cental station in ) getting to know the chimps. I will be watching videos of these guys recorded during the social behavioral experiments, so I needed to learn who is who. Luckily chimps are pretty individualistic (like humans, compared to a peacock). Today I got to join the institute (about 18 people) for their journal club, where an article is chosen and presented while the group disscuses the paper for about a hour, then I got to test my skills while with recognizing the chimps.

Ok so tomorrow is the opening game of the euro cup and I`m excited, especially for all the celebrations. HOPP SCHWEIZ!!!

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