Friday, June 27, 2008

Eurocup Finals! Spain v Germany

I've watched both semifinal games and have never seen so much enthusiasm for a soccer game! It was quite exciting being surrounded by some many crazy fans. The turnout to watch the games on l'écran géant, not even at the stadium, was more than you'd ever see at a Rice athletic event. The majority of fans had adorned themselves with flags, jerseys, or face paint to show they're support. I saw a cute older couple both wearing jerseys and had flags to wave--that made me smile.

I hadn't seen Turkey play before watching the game Tuesday night. They're great! Really disappointed that they didn't advance, but an exciting game anyway. Not being European, I don't have the patriot attachment that most fans have, so I cheered for every goal scored.

I went to the Geneva fanzone for the Spain v Russia game. More crowded and not as exciting a game....Spain just kept scoring (beautiful goals though!).

I'm really excited for the final, Spain vs Germany. I'll be here in Lausanne to watch the final Sunday; anybody in Lausanne want to join me? Send me an email!

I also here that there's a federal yodeling competion in Luzern.

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