Monday, June 4, 2007

The Journey Begins

Its been a week after I have arrived in Switzerland. And there is already a whole lot of things worth sharing. First of all, all that they say about faboulous Switzerland, are actually true. Its a beautiful country with beatiful people around. I really like this place.

I received a warm welcome from the Swarm Intelligent Systems Research group upon my arrival at EPFL. It is a really nice institute. One thing about this school is it is full of life. I have been here for about ten days now. And it is going really great.

One confusing item about this trip is the trouble/benefit of being an English speaker. French being the commoonly spoken language around, a non french speaker has to face a few hiccups on the very first day. On the other side, no place can be better for learning french than a place where people actually speak. So my next challenge is to learn some French while I am here.

About work: I have already had chance to experience the integrity of research going on here. It is surprising that US students are not so much aware of some very best research going on in the other side of the world. My group mainly works on Swarm Intelligent Systems {evident from the name: and they actually work on that :)} I in turn will work on Intelligent Sensor Network within the scope of another project going on in EPFL. Its called SensorScope and its an NCCR-MICS initiative. I have just started, with an expectation and belief that I can contribute to the system and enrich myself with new experience as I walk through my internship in here.

Finish Line: Following my first post, "Stay in switzerland and no travel makes jack a very dull boy." I have been to this wonderful region Jungfrau called Top of Europe. It was a cool trip. has a collection of pictures from the trip.

Ok friends, thats all for now. Will keep posting as I move on. Cheers

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