Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Information update

Dear research ambassadors,

We are glad that you are all doing fine and successfully conducting research in Switzerland. The whole ThinkSwiss community is very interested in your research experiences and reads with great curiosity your posted blogs. The exchange of knowledge and the establishment of a network between you and Swiss researchers in your labs is one of the main objectives of the ThinkSwiss research stay. (http://www.thinkswiss.org/core_exchange.html)

Our suggestion is that you all meet and get to know each other soon. This will enable you to show your “U.S. research ambassador colleagues” where you conduct research and what project you are working on.

I propose that you meet on Friday June 15 the first time in Lausanne and than again on Friday June 29 in Zurich. Could Matthew Farrell coordinate the first meeting in Lausanne and Dheera Venkatraman be the contact person for the second meeting in Zurich? Please confirm to the program committee. Also make sure that you inform your research group in advance about these meetings.

Another important notice is the date for the joint event at the U.S. Embassy in Bern. This meeting will probably take place on Friday, July 13. We will provide you with more details as soon as possible. We expect you to participate in this event since Claudio Fischer (head of the bilateral research cooperation unit) will give a presentation and an interesting program has been set up especially for you.

We are looking forward to reading more about your research stay.

Kind regards,

Pascal (on behalf of the program committee).

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