Monday, June 11, 2007

First days in Switzerland!

Here is the update of different fronts:

I am helping out with a project that is modeling the knee:
1. in 2D and 3D
2. with and without prostheses
3. explicitly, implicitly and algebraically
4. moving passively and under load
I am currently learning to use the software ABAQUS and doing background reading on knee anatomy and Finite Element Analysis in general. Soon I will start looking at the models that have already been made and will be given instructions on which components the lab would like to have improved. It seems like I will mainly be working on the 2D and 3D explicit models of the knee without prostheses.

Work environment
People in the lab and very friendly and come from a wide variety of backgrounds both culturally and professionally. Everyone I have met here so far seems very pleased with their experience at EPFL (how different from MIT!), and some are predicting that I will enjoy myself so much that I will want to come back from grad school! Actually, that seems pretty likely.

Photo of Vivapoly.

Jess and I live near the train station and have mainly been exploring the surrounding neighborhoods. On her first day here, we made the obligatory trip down to the lake to eat crepes, and we will probably return for some night swimming.

Jess on the grass by the lake (isn’t she cute?).

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