Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Life in Morges, Lausanne, Geneva ( long )

I have settled into a habitual number of places I tend to find myself in the Lake Geneva area; Morges, Lausanne, and Geneva. There is a pretty good diversity of urban environments and semi-urban environments around to look at.

The view from my room in Morges ( top ) is astounding. However, I have no internet in my apartment, which has led me to creatively figuring out all the free wireless spots in Morges. There are 5 that know about and 3 that I use. One is at "Fleur de Pain" on Rue Louis de Savoie, "Metropolis", my favorite pub by far, also on Rue Louis de Savoie, and at Café de la Gare at the SBB station in Morges.

In Lausanne one of my favorite places thus far has been the Flon district. It is colorful, vibrant and bohemian. There are some great clubs here to see if you are interested in hip-hop, or house techno DJs. Notice the "Stop SIDA" on the side of the building. The large condom on the other-side I thought was a nice touch.
Also, there are some great places to shop including Maniak down the street near the metro. More recently there is a circus in town in this plaza. Fwa. I wish I had a chance to see them.

I snuck into the Hotel, and took a picture from upper Lausanne across from the Cathedral. Its very beautiful from upper Lausanne. Its a good place to shop so take a bus to Saint Francois. Found some great shoes there, you probably will too. Also, they on occasion have outd0or markets among the boutiques all along Saint Francois. Fresh vegetables and the like are readily available. Its a good place to try out haggling skills in French.

Geneva has some great gardens, which on the whole is surprising to me, being used to a slightly more urbanized cities. These pictures were taken at the botanical gardens in Geneva. Worth seeing...



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