Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ciao from Texas

Hi there! My name is BJ and I'm in the process of completing my Master of Architecture at Texas A&M. After attending the winter 2006 semester at Universita della Svizzera italiana, Accademia di architettura di Mendrisio, I knew I had to return to this school. I will be assisting Professor Stanislaus von Moos with his research:

1). History of Swiss architecture, with a special focus on Modern movement and Cold War
2). Dialogue of Architecture and the Visual Arts, especially since 1945
3). the work of Le Corbusier and the work of Venturi, Scott Brown & Associates.

I will also be assisting with the digital image bank on the history of Modern Architecture at the Academy.

Mendrisio is a small town just south of Lugano in the beautiful Italian canton of Ticino. It is also a bus ride to the Italian border and an hour & half train ride to Milan.

I heard about the Academy while researching some of the famous architects that founded and teach at it. The professors are from throughout Europe and utilize the school for the exchange of ideas with their peers and students and, thus, for architecture, it is a serious hub of the European network. My independent study there required learning Italian (still practicing), learning about the culture, European design process and visualizing in the metric system. I found the semester there extremely challenging and loved every minute of it. I was fortunate to make connections with colleagues there that I continue to work with via Skype on project critiques and discussions. I am extremely thrilled to be able to return and re-establish connections and make new ones. My educational/professional plans whether it be PhD or another Masters definitely have Mendrisio in them.

Locarno, site I selected for my Final Studies project

I won't be in attendance tomorrow to meet with you as I won't arrive until this coming fall, but wish you a great visit and buon viaggio (good travels). I am grateful to the program committee for allowing the time adjustment and for this opportunity.

Ti voglio bene (I wish you well),

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