Friday, May 8, 2009

Hoi Zäme- Hi everyone!!

Herzlich Wilkommen- Warm Welcome to all the ThinkSwiss scholarship winners and readers of this blog! Congrats on receiving the scholarship! I am very excited for this amazing learning adventure, and would like to thank the Swiss Embassy for this opportunity.

My name is Katie Peige and I just finished my junior year at Arizona State University. I am a sustainability major with a concentration in international development. This summer I will be researching at the Institute of Political Science at University of Zürich from the end of May until the end of July. My topic for the summer is international climate change policy, more specifically,
"US opposition to the Clean Development Mechanism - interest groups and arguments". I will be working with Prof Katharina Michaelowa and Axel Michaelowa. I am very excited because I have been asked to be an observer at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Negotiations in Bonn, Germany for the first two weeks of June. Last summer, I interned at Maryland Department of the Environment where I worked with climate change policy at the state level and so I am very excited to learn more about international climate change policy especially before the Climate Change Negotiations that will be held in Copenhagen at the end of this year.

I am ecstatic to return to Switzerland after previously studying in Thurgau as an exchange student my junior year of high school. I can not wait to brush up on my Swiss and High German and reconnect with my host family and friends.

See you soon in Switzerland!

Bis Bald!

~Katie aka Käterli


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