Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The 2009 ThinkSwiss Researchers

Dear 2009 ThinkSwiss Researchers,

Congratulations on being selected for a 2009 ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship! This Blog is a place for you to share your experiences and for us to provide you with helpful information and let you know about meetings and events. Please keep in touch and be sure to write on the ThinkSwiss Research Blog on a regular basis!

Please introduce yourself briefly and tell us about your expectations and your research project in Switzerland.

The whole ThinkSwiss community is very interested in your research experiences and will read with great curiosity your posted blogs. The exchange of knowledge and the establishment of a network between you and Swiss researchers in your labs is one of the main objectives of the ThinkSwiss research stay.
The following students were awarded and do research at the following Swiss universities/research institutes:

Brett Albert (Harvard University), ETH Zurich

Erin Turk (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), University of Lausanne

Igor Labutov (City University of New York), EPFL

Ishita Basu (University of Illinois at Chicago), EPFL

Jason Qian (George Washington University), EPFL

Jialiang (Julian) Wang (Department of Architecture, Texas A&M University), EPFL

Jonathan Broogard (Northwestern University), University of Lausanne

Kalin Peige (Arizona State University), University of Zurich

Kayla King (Indiana University), EAWAG

Martin Monasteiro (Rutgers University), ETH Zurich

Matan Mayer (Harvard University), EPFL

Nicole Beckage (Indiana University), University of Basel

Rebecca Recker (Johns Hopkins University), University of Geneva

Rob Futia (Loyola College in Baltimore), University of Zurich

Savannah Adams (Emory University Atlanta), ETH Zurich

Tom Stewart (Columbia University), ETH Zurich

Yee Hoong Chow (Northwestern University), EPFL

We are looking forward to reading more about your research and your time in Switzerland.

Kind regards,

Lukas (on behalf of the program committee)

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