Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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I 've had two primary travel goals in mind since my arrival: see as much of Switzerland as possible while its still "summer" and try to absorb as much Swiss culture/tradition before setting my sights on the rest of Europe. I would appreciate any advice on how I might achieve these ends!
Yesterday, the 3 Americans in Zürich (Katherine, Joseph and I) met at the Knabenschiessen to wander around. I am not too sure of the history of the event (so maybe I'll let Katherine explain), but I am certain that the carnival- featuring rides, games, and LOTS of greasy food stands- was one of the biggest I have ever seen. Katherine and I rode the "Star Power" ride in order to get a great view of Zürich, and we all enjoyed some delicious wurst.
On Sunday I went to Luzern specifically to see the Verkehrshaus- the Swiss Transport Museum. It was definitely one of the most interesting, thorough, and informative museums I have ever visited. The exhibits also attempted to present some of the social and environmental issues involved in transportation, so overall it was excellent. Anyone who has ever used any means other than their feet to move from place to place should visit this museum. There was even a "Swiss Transport Policy Game" where one reads about 12 different policy/construction options, then has 30 seconds to select which options should be adopted, limited by 100 million Swiss Francs. I was surprised that the young children were not as eager to play the game as I...
Below are some pictures from Knabenschiessen and Luzern. The kind people of ThinkSwiss requested I put a link to some of my other pictures on the blog-so this link is for pictures of our Scooter Tour on 21.8.08 in Bern. You can also view my other photos from here. My pictures will probably be more interesting than my writing...

A fraction of the planes on display at the Verkehrshaus.

This is a ferocious swan who tried to bite my hand off near the Chapel Bridge because I was holding bread. I threw my roll at it and ran away.

On the ride at Knabenschiessen- huge carnival in the background!

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