Friday, July 18, 2008

Montreux and lots of EXCEL

WOW! So the Montreux jazz festival is as great as everyone has said. I saw Galactic at the Jazz Cafe and they put on quite the show, definitely the best concert by far this year. I am excited to see them perform when I get home to my University town in Boulder, CO. The weather was beautiful and the small huts along the lake provided all the food you could eat, beer and clothing from different cultures. The mountains were impressive and it was a cool feeling to see France on the other side of the lake. The French side of Switzerland has some contrasts to where I have been staying, for example while visiting friends in Geneva during the lake parade, the light posts still had eurocup decorations, I stated how the day after the championships the huddled soccer players in the main station were getting torn down. They explained "It's a little more easy going here." Yea well the next day, a slow poke bus driver (taking it too easy) caused me to wait an extra two hours after missing my train at the Nyon station.

Right now it is gorgeous in Zürich and I am watching a big bird, the Milan (Kite in English) swoop down past the office window and just float in the wind. The wildlife here seems to remind you how in touch Switzerland is with nature. A hedgehog waddled by on my path last Wednesday and I even got to pet a four month old fox during the week, she was rescued by one of the zoo keepers.

I have been spending more time at the institute and everyday has been dedicated to excel. In order to gain information from the data recorded during observations of the chimpanzees you need it transfered into a computer. You would be surprised how many interactions take place in an hour, let alone a day in a chimps life.

A friend who works in the same office (there are a total of 4-5 desks in this office, no cubicles here) asked if I could proofread something for her, since I have helped her with english before I of course had no problem with it. Next thing I know I get an inch thick pile of paper and Sabrina handed over her masters-thesis... It took a while but I got a refresh on Australopithecines :)

This weekend I will take a train to Maloja where my cousin is completing her apprenticeship at a hotel. I have been in Switzerland over two months and this will be the first time I see her, pretty strange, but I guess I have never been so busy when visiting.

I look forward to meeting some of you next Thursday along with our tour of the famous Einstein exhibit. Should be very interesting! Enjoy Saturday because I think it will be raining Sunday, depending where you're at ;)

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ryanpei said...

Cool, is the zoo worth visiting? I don't have much time left in Zurich but I might try to squeeze it in if it's a good place.

Do the chimps show any characteristically Swiss habits, like keeping their own pens abnormally clean haha?