Monday, July 14, 2008

Festivale de la Cité, Montreux Jazz, & Rain

For the last week, I've been enjoying both the Lausanne Festivale de la Cité and the Montreux Jazz Festival. Both feature good entertainment for free! Not too crowded and not a hassle to get to. On Thursday night was Gustav & son Lonely Heart Attack band (right). I can't quite classify what genre they belong to, somewhat rock with salsa trumpet infusions. The next night the rain stopped just long enough for William White & the Emergency's performance. Even better than the night before! White, as best as I can put it, is a Jack Johnson and John Mayer combo with a Barbados twist--just a chill, just a sweet, and just as charming.

What's unfortunate is that I can't stay at the festivals too late; I have a self-imposed curfew of midnight, based on the metro schedule. I now really regret choosing to live close to the EPFL. Missing the last metro means an hour walking back to my apartment. This wasn't too bad when I was at the Lausanne Festivale, but the Montreux festival lasts a lot longer into the night, sometimes even till 5am!

My only other frustration is the weather; it's been raining on weekends but not on weekdays. So it's gorgeous outside when I'm in lab and miserably cold and wet when I'm not. I want to go hiking and do other outdoor activities, which shouldn't be done in rainy weather. Next weekend I'll be in Bern for the Gurten festival; hopefully the weather will be better this weekend.

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