Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Here in Prilly

I am Katherine Filip, I am a junior from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN studying Clinical Neuroscience and Philosophy. I am studying schizophrenia in Prilly just on the edge of Lausanne. I am assissting on project examining the first episode of phsychosis and a protein defiecy that exists in these individuals. I am currently working with patients and will soon begin looking at an animal (mouse model). I will spare you all the boring details ( because I think they are fastincating and will not stop talking about them). Switzerland is so beautiful. I have never been to Europe or even out of the United States more than a day trip to Canada or Mexico. One can only imagine how thrilled I am to see Lake Geneva and the mountains just outside my window. I feel a little bit silly here because I have been looking all around like an excited child. Eveywhere I look there is a beautiful fountain or sculpture or landscape that takes my breath away. I cannot believe how relaxing everything is in Switzerland, especially the people and scenery. I have never seen such beautiful buildings as they have in Lausanne. The medival cathedrals and towers are awe- inspiring against the background of Lake Geneva and not to mention the Alps. I arrived not realizing how poor my French was, but everyone is very patient and kind. I am learning very quickly. I am very excited about being able to see more patients and attend more lectures by visiting researchers, but I cannot wait for the weekend to go bike riding in the countryside, by the vineyards just outside of Lausanne and hopefully a visit to L'Art Brut, an art museum with only the untrained and mentally ill artists.

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Anonymous said...

Your experiment actually sounds really interesting to me. I'd like to hear more sometime! Thank you SO much for post about L'Art Brut. I am thoroughly interested in checking it out, and will on a free weekend of mine (probably later in June). Good luck these first few days!