Thursday, May 8, 2008

Grüsech, mitenand!

My name is Suzanna Attia.  I'm a rising 3rd year in Baylor College of Medicine and a graduate of Rice University.  My hometown is Houston, TX, although now I can claim a smidgen of Bernese identity as I am in the midst of my 2nd month of 3 months here in Bern, Switzerland's unassuming capital city.  Right now I am, in general, doing a meta-analysis of HIV transmission in serodiscordant couples as part of the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine at the University of Bern.  I work with epidemiologist and medical doctor Nicola Low and ISPM director and epidemiologist/medical doctor Matthias Egger.  
More specifically, right now I am developing my extraction sheet, a questionnaire that is applied to each study destined for analysis, and I am also learning about the simple wonders of EpiData, a (free!) program which can store extraction sheet/questionnaires and can check independent researchers' extractions against each other. Soon to come in this process is the extraction of data itself in parallel but independently from a fellow medical student and researcher, Monika Müller, and then the analysis of the data and its assimilation into a useful, readable, interesting paper for review and hopefully, ultimately, publication in a major medical journal.  Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Good luck!! Your study sounds very interesting.

ryanpei said...

Wow, another Rice Owl here, that's pretty amazing! Which residential college did you hail from at Rice? I'm from Sid.

Catherine Reid said...

Hey Suzanna! This is Cat Reid from BCM, and I also will be coming to Bern to do research! Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like we will overlap that much, as I won't be arriving until early June, but we should definitely meet up when I get there. How long are you staying for? Are you working at Inselspital or at a lab in another university building? Bern is such a beautiful city, isn't it? So crazy that there's so many people from Houston in Switzerland this summer!


Clark said...

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