Sunday, May 25, 2008

After a week in Lausanne I am in love with Switzerland and don't think I ever want to leave... that said I am planning to travel while I am here and have a proposal for anyone who would like to show me around the town that they are staying in ... you will have a free place to stay and a free tour guide in Lausanne in exchange for the same in your town. Also if someone would like a travel companion I am planning on going to Paris, Venice, Bern , Zürich, and pretty much anywhere else and have no dates set in stone. I know it is difficult in Lausanne to get around without know at least some French and I only know French and English. I hope you are all enjoying this trip as much as I am, but I think it may be impossible as I sit in Ouchy looking over lake geneve at the French alps. Chaio.


ryanpei said...

I may try to come to Lausanne next, next weekend (June 7th I think), but that is very much in the air. I think the only weekends that I will be in Zurich when someone else I know is not visiting here as well would be one or two weekends in July, but you're welcome to come and see the city for yourself as well. The more you let me know in advance, the more likely I could try to reserve a guest-room at my student-apartment (only 38 francs per night) for you.

Suzanna said...

i should be in lausanne with my mother monday evening june 16. she'll stay for the day but i have to go back to work. any recommendations for a good 2 hour walk? and any clue about the quality of the the location of hotel Elite (1 avenue st-luce)? thanks!