Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wine Tasting, Castles, and Glaciers - Oh My!

Hi Everyone!

Week three passed quite quickly and I can't believe week four is nearly half way through! I can't believe how much data has accumulated from my experiments already . . . I spent the first half of this week attempting to catch up in my lab notebook and organize my data into meaningful compilations - something I'm sure most researchers can sympathize with.

This past weekend, we explored the town of Neuchatel - about an hour away from Lausanne on Lac de Neuchatel. The lake is even more beautiful than Lake Geneva in my opinion . . . smaller, but with just as great of views and clearer water. We wandered around the town and up to the castle where they happened to be having a Bocce tournament! It was quite the juxtaposition to hear techno music and watch people throwing metal balls and drinking beer on the terrace of such a historical monument. Might as well enjoy it as much today as it was in the past!

We also stopped by a local vineyard in Boudry for some wine tasting. The winery had a neat little museum presenting its history and a wonderful cavern in which to enjoy tasting the local wine. We tried several different Pinots and decided that the Pinot Gris was our favorite. Here is a picture of us toasting to Switzerland using Swiss-pride cups we purchased for the national day coming up this Saturday!

The picture to the right pretty much sums up our Sunday. We hiked to the top of Eggishorn (2900 m tall!!) in order to get this view of the Aletsch Glacier - the largest glacier in the Alps!! It is 23 km long and covers more than 120 square kilometres and, by the way, it is absolutely stunning up close. As a nature - freak, I would have liked to spend much more time exploring the huge chunk of ice, but cable cars, fondue, and crazy train-ride games took us back to Lausanne. Until next week . . . Ciao!

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