Sunday, June 7, 2009

My 1st weekend in Lausanne:

I arrived here on june02 and since then its been an enriching experience for me. An Indian by heart, lived in Chicago for almost 3 years and now in Europe – its quite an experience switching from one culture to the other, the culture here however being closer to my roots. My lab at EPFL is awesome and proved to be above my expectations. I start to work in the real sense from Monday though. The first week was a bit tough for me as I do not speak any French, however it was fun making people at the stores understand what I wanted and getting directions from people. The weekend trips to downtown Lausanne , the Olympic Museum and the lake front were simply refreshing and enjoyable. In fact I met Erin and we have plans of going to the beach today. I tasted the pizza here which was a pleasant treat to my taste buds that were almost numbed by the American pizza (a popular free food). The metro service is excellent which connects almost every part of the city. I am posting some of the pictures that I clicked over the weekend.

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