Sunday, June 21, 2009

La Dôle

I just realized another two weeks have past since I last posted. It's crazy how quickly time flies by.
Last weekend, a church friend and I went for small hike to "La Dôle" in the Swiss Jura mountain chain. La Dôle has an altitude of 1,677 m (5500 feet) and from up there you can degust a gorgeous view of the lac plateau extending from Geneva on the far right side to Lausanne on the left side and on a cloudless day you can also see the Alps mountain chain.
The weather is pretty unpredictable on the mountain. Just when we started to hike the sky was spotless and just as we reached the top rain started pouring. At the top, I realized I did not wear hiking shoes. Great, I can either stay and wait until the grass dries or basically slide down on my butt! Luckily, it was not the Alps!

Since I've mentioning unpredictability, I should mention I've been victimized by the store opening hours in Geneva, supposedly my hometown (I think I've gotten too used to CVS and 7-Elevens). Yesterday, for once I finished work before 7 pm so I decided to go grab a bite in Geneva with a friend. To our surprise, all the streets were empty and supermarkets and stores closed. I forgot that Swiss stores close at 7 pm during weekdays except for Thursday when some can open until 9 pm. Sunday shopping are obviously VERBOTEN!

Before I go off, I've a quick question. Is anyone also interested in going to taking a tour of CERN and possibly going 100 m underground to seeing the particle accelerators?

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