Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I arrived in Basel on Sunday morning and my host student picked me up from the airport. She was perfectly on time as I am finding most of the Swiss are. She gave me a tour of the area she lives in, showed me around her flat (which has a wonderful garden outside) and then continued to show me around the area and how to get to the University using the Tram system. We also went out to enjoy her horse and the scenery. In the evening, we ate a lovely dinner on the outdoor terrace together and enjoyed some of the final days of the Olympics on TV (in a language I didn't know of course) ;)

Yesterday was our first day of class and I thought it went quite well. We enjoyed an early morning lecture and some hands on practice in the afternoon. Many of us went out for a drink and dinner along the Rhine which proved to be a perfect evening for that.

I will continue to post as the days go on!

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