Monday, November 23, 2009

November Is Gone

Hello all!
My time here has gone by very quickly and my parents flew in to visit me yesterday. They are staying for the week and then fly home on Sunday. I hope to be able to show them around the city and introduce them to some of the best museums. I know I could not convince them to go to Pilatus despite the beautiful view because of their fear of heights. But at least I was able to share this with my husband when he was here. They seem to enjoy the local cuisine and they have had an easier time adjusting to the cost of living here than I have (think of the true cost we'd pay at home as half of the cost in CHF). It's still a bit hard to swallow if you're not making a decent salary. I have been able to save some money by bringing my own lunch to work and only eating out once a week or so.

I have gotten used to some Swiss German, but I still only speak High German since this is the only dialect I know. Although they know right away that I am American, most interactions are reasonable. Sometimes they become frustrated if there is a line in the grocery store and you cannot understand what they are telling you, but that is a commonality just about everywhere. Everyone here walks very fast and is always (seemingly) in a hurry. I think that this just may be in part that it is a city--where I am from people are rarely ever in a hurry to do anything, but that's the South.

My father and I got to go to several free concerts at the Prediger-Kirche near the university. We first went to a vespers service there which was great because I understood all of the lyrics in the hymnal (high German) and the choir was wonderful. We also saw the Meilen Orchestra performing Dvořák's "Aus der Neuen Welt," which was spectacular. There was also a classical guitarist performing with them. We found a good cafe on the way home and all in all it was a great day.

I look forward to making the most of the time I have left here. I will post again once we make the journey to Basel!


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