Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tess update


Things are moving forward, though it is frustrating to wait for several hours for simulations to run now that I am working on a more detailed knee model in ABAQUS. The overall goal is to have many models in 2D and 3D from which to get results and measurements that are difficult to do in vivo, and then to compare results across models for accuracy. It is nice to learn something that is both biological and mechanical. I really enjoy working at the intersection of different disciplines and being able to spend time doing background reading on different topics.


I feel more at home there now, but because Jess and I live in Geneva, we don't hang out in Lausanne much. Supposedly it is quite a fun city full of students and concerts. I hope to make time to explore it more before I leave.
I have not had much of a change to just wander around campus and look into labs in different departments. I don't know how open people are here to random visitors.


Here are finally some photos from La Fete de la Musique which was a lot of fun! During the day it was nice to see families and people of all ages out enjoying the entertainment in the parks. In the evenings it was nice to dance around to peppy ska and funk in the rain.

The singer in a funk band on Saturday.

Jess in the moat in the Bastions on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Just noticed your comments about long run times with Abaqus. Are you sure you are using all the parallel capabilities available in recent versions of Abaqus?